Building a Community to Reach a Community

Who We Are

We have existed as a local church since 1956. The founding members were German immigrants who desired to have a church where they could worship in culturally familiar ways and reach out to other new arrivals of German heritage. Over the years we have transitioned to reflect a broader Canadian identity.

The name of our church tells some important things about our identity.

Zion: the name of the place in ancient Israel where the people gathered in the presence of God. That is where we want to live as well. We want to be a people who are eager to know God and who rejoice in His presence and who participate in his good purpose for this world.

Baptist: Throughout our history we have been affiliated with the Alberta Baptist Association which is a part of the North American Baptist Conference. This group of more than 400 churches cooperate in order to better fulfill God’s mission for us. We are not exclusive in our approach to other Christian traditions. All who acknowledge Christ as Lord and who submit to the Bible as the authoritative Word of God, we welcome as brothers and sisters in the faith.

Community: We desire to be more than just a building or a well run organization that meets its budget and operates a set of religious programs. We want to become a community of people bound together by their life in Christ and who grow spiritually and are enabled to serve effectively through their connections with each other. We also understand that there is a community of people beyond us where we live and work and for whom we are well placed to bring the presence and the message of Christ. Our vision and passion is to build a community to reach a community.

At Zion Baptist Community Church, we are privileged, every time we gather and worship, to do so on Treaty 6 territory, and we recognize, with respect and appreciation, all the many First Nations, Métis, and Inuit whose footsteps have marked this land for centuries.

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