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Kids Program

Street 2:52 is our Sunday School for children preschool through grade 6 during both morning services. Just before 9:30, kids and leaders gather in "The Chapel", located in the church basement. If you’re later than 9:35, don’t worry, we just ask that you wait outside the doors until classes head to their workshops at 9:45. Dismissal is at 10:30, when children join their families for the beginning of the 10:45 service.

Kids are then dismissed partway through the 10:45 service to join their leaders and class for another workshop.

To continue to provide excellent programs for our kids, we are looking for more volunteers to join the group of volunteers we have. Check out our online sign-up sheet that includes job descriptions for the different positions we need to fill. All of our volunteers need to be screened and trained before they work with children.

The safety of our volunteers and children is of utmost importance to us!

Further, special procedures are in place to care for our youngest students. This age group:

  • Must be signed in and out of all sessions by a parent or guardian.
  • Will be assigned a parent paging number. When assistance is required, we’ll notify the parent by paging the child’s number visually in the sanctuary and large fellowship hall (basement).
  • Children preschool and kindergarten will require parent assistance for washroom breaks.

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