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play Our services are now livestreamed on Sunday mornings. You can watch our 10:45 service both live, and at your convenience. Watch now!

Livestream User Tips

Along with watching the livestream on our website, you can also watch on your TV through Apple TV, Chromecast or Roku. Here are some simple instructions to help you out (this will work on your phone too):

  1. Through the App Store or Play Store on your device, search for and download the "LiveStream" app. Here are links for more information on the app itself. Note: older versions of Apple TV may not have this app.
  2. In the app, search for "Zion Baptist Community Church."
  3. Change the search from "Event" to "Account." The church logo should appear, click this.
  4. Scroll over to "Church Services." Here you will be able to find previous services as well as this morning's once we start streaming (about 10:40).

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