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Online Giving: Interac e-Transfer

This method allows you to send a donation from your banking website. Send your e-Transfer of $20 or more to [email protected] as follows:

Set up new contact for ZBCC (one time only):
  1. Log into your online banking site.
  2. Find the Interac e-Transfer section.
  3. Go to the Contact List and add a new contact.
  4. Ensure the Contact email address is [email protected] and provide a Contact Name that is easy to recognize like "ZBCC".
Send an e-Transfer:
  1. Log into your online banking site.
  2. Find the Interac e-Transfer section.
  3. Click Send Money.
  4. Send Money To: Choose the ZBCC contact you previously set up.
  5. Amount: Enter the amount of your donation. Minimum donation is $20.
  6. From Account: Choose your bank account that the donation will come from.
  7. Message: Enter your offering number, initials, and either General or Benevolent to indicate which fund you would like the money to be applied to. Donations without a fund noted will automatically be applied to the General fund. E.g., John Smith has envelope number 36 and is sending a $100 donation to ZBCC for the General fund. In the Message section, he will enter: 36 JS General
  8. Click Next. You will receive a message that Zion is registered for Autodeposit and you do not need to provide a security question.
  9. Click continue. Verify the information and click Send Money.
Donations via e-Transfer will be receipted in February of the following year similar to cheque/cash donations. The church incurs no fee for these donations. You may incur an e-Transfer fee depending on how service charges are structured for your bank account.

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