Building a Community to Reach a Community


Prayer Priorities

The Ministry Council has discerned 7 Prayer Priorities that will be a focus throughout 2021, to help us to authentically listen to and for God in our midst:

1. We pray for evidence of a deepening commitment to both personal and corporate PRAYER.

2. We pray that our steps would be directed by our humble submission to truth as it's revealed in SCRIPTURE.

3. We pray that God's amazing grace to us would be manifested in our midst by our GRACE toward one another.

4. We pray for DISCERNMENT as we re-engage and re-vitalize our discipleship, community, and mission for the next chapter of Zion's life together.

5. We pray for signs of NEW LIFE through conversions, baptisms, and commitments to membership.

6. We pray for the stirring of a passion to love our NEIGHBOURS faithfully.

7. We pray that our DELIGHT in God would grow as we each navigate and prioritize through our present challenges.

Prayer Chain

We have a prayer chain of people committed to praying for requests that arise in our church family. If you have prayer requests you would like prayed for, or if you would like to join the prayer chain, please contact us at [email protected].

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