Building a Community to Reach a Community


At Zion Baptist Community Church we believe the 66 books of the Bible to be inspired by God and to be the sole authority for our faith and practice. The Bible is a book that needs to be interpreted or it remains a relic of the past rather than a living source of truth that addresses and shapes our lives in the present. We are committed to using sound methods of interpretation to enable us as best we can to discern what God meant the original recipients to understand in the text and then to work out what that means for us today. We want to see Holy Scripture in street clothes.

That is a process that yields many truths with clarity and precision, what can be identified as the core of Christian truth shared by believers through the centuries. There are also many issues of importance to us for which the Bible does not speak directly. We then must search out related truths clearly taught in scripture and discern how they might apply. This is where Christians will often draw somewhat different conclusions.

This forum is a place where the pastors of Zion seek to offer help to its members to think biblically on everyday matters of importance for which there is not a simple direct commandment or teaching from the Lord. These essays are presented humbly as we remain open for further insight from the Lord. They are presented with the intent of helping those who genuinely seek the truth, not those who are looking for ammunition to reload in endless theological debates. Our unity is in Christ and his gospel and his Spirit who dwells within us, and not in a precise uniformity of conviction on every possible matter.

All postings here have received general endorsement by the ministry council of this church though that does not mean everyone agrees on every point.

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