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ZBCC COVID-19 Update: June 30, 2021

On July 1, Alberta will enter the third and final stage of its Open for Summer Plan!
As a church, we plan on removing many of our restrictions, in line with new provincial and municipal guidelines. If you have any questions about what follows, please contact the church office.

Policies beginning July 1, 2021:

In this spirit of mutual accommodation, we are planning to move forward with the following for our Sunday services:

  1. We will ask (but not require) people to consider continuing wearing masks inside the church building for the month of July.
  2. You are no longer required to RSVP for services, and there will be no assigned seating, formal symptom screening, attendance tracking, arrows on the floor, or blocked-off pews.
  3. Refrain from physical contact and close presence without seeking permission first. Some of us are ready for hugs, while others are not quite ready. Our church is a space for all.
  4. We will hold off on passing items from one person to another (e.g., communion and offering plates). Communion supplies and kids busy bags will be available in the foyer.
  5. Volunteers will be on hand to assist. We will have entry greeters, ushers, and an info desk attendant available on Sunday mornings to help and support congregants through this transition.
  6. Mid-week gatherings at the church can resume if spaces are pre-booked through the church office ahead of time. Our masking request would remain in place throughout the building.
  7. Other services will become increasingly available. We have reopened access to the mailboxes and the rest of the church building. We are working with ministry leaders to determine when and how other ministries will resume (i.e., Toddler Room, Library, Children's Ministry, etc.).
  8. We will revisit these policies prior to the first Sunday of August.

A word to families of young children:

We know that Children's programming during the service is a big question for many of you. We are beginning the conversation with our leaders about what our ministry to our children will look like short and long term. We're not ready to start up the Toddler Room or Street 2:52 ministries yet, but we have created a few spaces for families on the main floor:

  • We have moved the Mother's Room down to the Fishermans.Net classroom.
  • There is an unsupervised childen's play space in the Thou Art! Studio classroom.

We appreciate your patience as we discern our coming back together.

A word to all:

We understand that conversations surrounding COVID can be divisive as there are various opinions and comfort levels regarding how safe people are feeling right now with loosening restrictions. We also note that various circumstances inform our views, particularly in the area of mask-wearing. Therefore, we ask you to be gracious and patient with one another.

There is a great need to care, empathize, and support each other as we wrestle with the outflow of this pandemic in the coming weeks and months. We have done a great job of this throughout the pandemic, and the church leadership is incredibly grateful for the spirit this church has had in willingly following the restrictions. Let's continue to have a spirit of accomodation and love in grace for one another.

Sing to the Lord, you his faithful ones, and praise his holy name...Weeping may stay overnight, but there is joy in the morning. (Psalm 30:4-5)



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