Building a Community to Reach a Community

Spiritual Formation

From the moment we become a follower of Jesus, we enter a life-long process whereby God transforms us in to the likeness of Jesus. There are opportunities at our church to engage in that process more intentionally during the week.

Small Groups:

A number of small groups meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Each group has a unique flavor, but all are centered around a time of Bible study and opportunities for relationship-building within the group. Speak to a pastor or the spiritual formation coordinator for more information, or to find a group that meets near you!

Men’s & Women’s Bible Studies:

Each year, typically in the Fall, we gather men and women for Bible studies focused on issues of faith and life that are particularly important to men and women. Information on what will be studied and how to join will be available throughout the Summer and into September.

BOB (“Band of Brothers”):

These events are non-regular, informal gatherings of men throughout the year. BOB does everything from fishing trips to helping families renovate. Men, young and old, are invited to join BOB on his next adventure! Watch the calendar and weekly bulletin for upcoming BOB events.

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